"The Elevator Show Dubai": The new lift industry trade fair for the fast-growing North Africa, Middle East and India region

Dubai - Due to COVID-19, the premiere of The Elevator Show Dubai (TES), a new and eagerly anticipated trade fair for the international lift industry, had to be postponed. Now, finally, the way is clear for the promising inaugural event to be held 16-18 September 2024 in Dubai.

The Middle East, like North Africa and India, is one of the fastest-growing regions in the world. In Egypt, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates alone, there are well over 600,000 lift systems in operation. Almost 40,000 new systems will be added in the near future, and there is no end in sight to the construction boom.

Some of the mega-projects currently being pursued in the region include Egypt's new administrative capital and Saudi Arabia's NEOM, as well as multiple projects in the UAE worth well over US$300 billion. The lift industry is involved in all these projects.

The Elevator Show Dubai (TES) gives the lift industry a platform in this prospering region. As the first international industry event, TES offers a perfect opportunity to do business with global manufacturers, suppliers, installers, planners, developers, architects, engineers and investors.

The organizers of the world's leading trade fair, the interlift, together with the industry’s leading publisher, Elevator World, have excellent prerequisites for establishing a successful, special trade fair for this region in the long term. Thus, in addition to interlift project manager Joachim Kalsdorf and his team, the long-standing interlift representative Bülent Yilmaz will also act as a contact person for interested companies. Based on a network exceeding 100,000 international contacts, the lift industry’s top event will be created with TES in Dubai. Approximately 100 exhibitors and 10,000 visitors are already expected at the premiere trade fair in September 2024.